1. Identification of parts

1.1 On the one hand, Travel Meridian Zero, hereinafter referred to as TMZ, limited liability company established in Spain, headquartered at c/ Benito Pérez Galdós, 23, 28821 Coslada Madrid, Spain, CIF: ESB-85771673, +34 916 71 74 13 and email info@meridianzero.com. It is registered in the Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Tomo 26.999, Folio 184, Hoja M-86474, Inscripción 1 and is the holder of the travel agency license CICMA 2338 Mm
1.2 And, on the other hand, the individual, or You further User, accessing the page to inform and contract the services offered through the Web site. The user declares that he / she is an adult and has the legal capacity to terminate this agreement and to use this site in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as 'GTnC'), which he declares to understand, expressly accepts and acknowledges in entirely.

2. Using the site

2.1 This website is available to all users, subject to these TyCG. When you make a purchase on the site or use this site in any other way, it means you have accepted these TyCG.
2.2 The user is responsible for handling confidentiality and for properly maintaining the TMZ passwords to access the site and to ensure that unauthorized third parties have no access to them. The user will be solely responsible for any economic consequences deriving from the use of this site by an unauthorized third party using the password. The User declares that all information provided to access this site, before and during its use, is true, complete, accurate, and agrees to keep them up to date.
2.3 This website is for the sole use of the User. Modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale and other forms of exploitation for commercial purposes or for equivalent purposes are prohibited.
2.4 The user undertakes not to use this site for illegal or prohibited purposes. In particular, the user accepts that the products or services purchased through this website will be for their own consumption or for use / consumption by the persons on whose behalf they are legally authorized to act. The user may not resell to third parties the products or services purchased through this website. TMZ reserves the right to refuse access to the site at any time without prior notice.

3. Website operation

3.1 Through this site, TMZ offers a search and comparison service for available travel products or services as well as a brokerage service to purchase the ones you select. A purchase on this site is any order for products or services that you make with a payment obligation and which has been confirmed by TMZ. When you purchase travel products or services through this website, you enter into a direct contract with your travel provider (s). TMZ is not part of the contractual relationship in relation to the products and services you purchase, unless otherwise expressly provided. Any questions or doubts about the purchased products or services must be addressed to the appropriate travel provider.
3.2 The term tourism service provider includes, as appropriate, airlines, tour operators, holiday package providers, hotels, hotel chains and accommodation agencies, insurance providers, vehicle suppliers and cruise lines.
3.3 TMZ will help you buy your products or services, intervening on your behalf in purchasing products or services from your travel service providers. The contractual data will be subject to the terms and conditions of each travel service provider that may limit or exclude your liability. To review your travel provider's terms, TMZ will refer you to the links section of this website in which terms of the travel provider will be available through a link In cases where it is not possible to access the terms of a travel service provider via a link, TMZ will provide you, if requested, contact details of the travel service provider so that to contact him / her. Be sure to check the terms and conditions applicable to the tourist service provider (s), especially as regards cancellation fees.
3.4 By using this site to purchase services, you authorize TMZ to act as your representative during the purchase process with the appropriate travel service providers and to pay for these products or services. on your behalf and in your representation as necessary to ensure that the transaction between you and your Travel Products Provider is done correctly. For this reason, TMZ will charge you a management fee, depending on the product or service you buy. In any case, you will have all the necessary information about the final final price of the selected products or services before starting your purchase or order with a payment obligation.
3.5 The final final price of the selected products or services will be confirmed once the search, comparison and selection process has been completed and will be available with an appropriate breakdown before you decide to click on ACCEPT AND BUY. Prices are displayed at the daily exchange rate and can therefore vary daily to reflect any movement in exchange rates. Taxes also fluctuate according to exchange rates. When you initiate a purchase, the exchange rate will be fixed at that time and will be applied to changes or cancellations of all products or services that are part of your purchase. The exchange rates are determined by TMZ.
3.6 Once you have ordered the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email that will constitute your contract document. This first confirm email will provide all the details of the requested products or services. Then, we will verify that your purchase has been correctly entered into your travel provider's system and that your payment can be processed correctly. Our obligation to issue the ticket will be subject to payment made in full. Once everything is correct, you will receive a second e-mail within one (1) business day after receiving the first one, confirming that the ticket (s) was issued. PLEASE READ THAT IF THE PRODUCTS WHICH YOU BUY IS A FLIGHT FROM A LOW COST AIR COMPANY, YOU MAY BE RECEIVED ON AN EMAIL AS YOU CONFIRM YOUR REQUEST. AND THE CONFIRMATION OF YOUR TICKETS ISSUED.
3.7 We reserve the right to cancel your purchase if we have reason to believe it is fraudulent. In such situations, we will try to contact you using the email address you provided during the search, comparison, and selection process or with your bank. If we can not contact you or your your bank, your purchase will be automatically canceled.
3.8 In accordance with Article 27 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services, we inform you that the electronic document through which the contract is formalized is the confirmation of the purchase you will receive in the email. This information, in addition to receiving by e-mail, will be deposited in the TMZ records and you can access them at any time whenever you request them.
3.9 With regard to optional items or special orders that in some cases you can turn to travel vendors related to a particular product (for example, special meals, disabled facilities, chairs, etc.) , you must remember that TMZ will transfer them to the appropriate travel service providers, but can not guarantee their fulfillment. It is your responsibility to confirm your travel provider (s) if these special requests can be fulfilled. In addition, we expressly warn you that requesting optional items or special orders may delay the issue of your ticket, with the risk of increasing the airfare fee, or there will be no availability when the travel provider processes your request.

4. Cancellations and changes

4.1 The possibility to cancel or modify a purchased product or service purchased through this website and the way to do so will depend on the conditions imposed by your Travel Provider that are associated with the selected tariff type. Therefore, you may not be able to cancel or modify the requested products or services, or there may be some specific requirements that you have to meet. If you change your purchases (cancellation and / or modification) through TMZ, we will charge you a € 30 per person on the canceled and / or modified route. These cancellation and / or modifier fees do not include fees directly charged by your travel agents for € 50. If you make a purchase change, note that the current price is not related to the cost of making the change.
4.2 With regard to the purchase of airline tickets, please note that for routes created from different routes and more than a base rate, there may be several sets of charging conditions. In this case, the most restrictive tariff conditions will apply. You must read all the conditions for your purchase rate. If modifications or cancellations are allowed, you can call TMZ to make the change. Note that if what you have purchased is a return ticket, no show on the departure flight can lead to the cancellation of the whole air ticket, ie the return trip. Changes and cancellations can not be made by email. You can contact the Customer Support TMZ areaCode telephone.

5. Prices and payment methods

5.1 The final final price of the selected products or services will be displayed, with an appropriate breakdown, after the search, comparison and selection process has been completed and before the purchase starts. This price will include the price of all selected products and services and the administration costs of TMZ. Please note that TMZ's administration costs are independent of the price of the products or services and are never refundable as they are perceived for TMZ's services for searching, comparing, and assisting in the procurement process.
5.2 The amount of TMZ administration spend varies depending on the products or services you have selected. There are also additional management fees if you make a purchase by phone or request changes or refunds. If you use a credit card without funds or credit card is rejected by the bank for any reason, TMZ will charge an estimated and provisional management fee of up to € 30 and give instructions immediately to make money payment of your purchase. If you make the full payment, the management of estimated costs will be deducted from the final price to complete the purchase. Until you make the payment in full, you will not be entitled to receive any of the products or services you require. With regard to the use of credit cards, without funds or for any other reason rejected by the bank, we especially draw attention to the fact that, due to the nature of travel products, you can determine the price or service products change between purchase and payment in totality, so you'll need to get updated when making the payment price.
5.3 We inform you that some airlines charge you direct flight. If there is a payment problem, we will contact you within 48 hours after purchase (or 24 hours) if you travel within 48 hours after purchase). TMZ will not be responsible for any subsequent price increases due to non-payment. You must assume any price increase that occurs before your purchase is confirmed.
5.4 You can pay through any of your major debit or credit cards, as detailed on the site itself. Payment methods other than those indicated on the site are not accepted.
5.5 To provide greater security, you will be asked to enter all the information on your bank card for each purchase you make with TMZ. This information will not be stored in our systems beyond what is required to process your payment for your purchase and, if applicable, for processing claims for refund of unpaid charges in accordance with point 4. Please note that TMZ In you need to communicate the details of your bank card to your travel provider to formalize your purchase. All information will be encrypted on a secure server. Authorize TMZ to use your bank card information (i) to purchase the products or services requested and to process the related management costs (ii) to pay the insurance premium and support for the tourist, where applicable; (iii) for the processing of any applicable refunds, and (iv) for the payment of costs related to:
  • the use of certain debit or credit cards
  • at the request of changes to the initial purchase
  • reimbursement of unpaid duties, as mentioned in point 4 of these TyCG
5.6 In addition to general and additional management costs, TMZ will also charge you for the fee you have to pay associated with using a certain payment method. In any case, you will have all the information about the final price completely and correctly broken down before you start the purchase. TMZ reserves the right to claim the amounts you have incurred in connection with payments denied or returned by your bank or debit or credit card issuer. If you pay for your third-party bank card purchase, we may request a written authorization to be provided by the cardholder. TMZ, both in its own name and on behalf of travel service providers, reserves the right to only provide electronic tickets, confirmations, electronic coupons or other travel documents to the billing address of your bank card or to your address e-mail at the issuer's card request. All used email addresses must be valid at the time of purchase.
5.7 TMZ strives daily to reduce or minimize the effects of fraudulent transactions with bank cards. To this end, we reserve the right to carry out random checks, including checks on electoral rolls, and we may ask you to send us by fax or mail proof of your address and a copy of the debit or credit card, as well as a statement before you begin any ticketing. Note that these controls are only performed during our standard work hours. As a result, all booking tickets made outside our working hours can only be issued the following day. TMZ is not responsible for the costs incurred as a result of these checks.
5.8 In some cases, by contacting the TMZ Customer Service Center in advance, you can also pay by bank transfer as long as you are the holder of a bank account based in the country where you booked it. In these cases, there must be a difference of at least six (6) working days between the date of purchase and the date of the flight. By choosing your bank transfer as your payment method, TMZ will simultaneously charge you the total amount of your purchase. You need to make sure you have enough funds in your account. In the case of a repayment payment occurring because there are insufficient funds or for other reasons that are assigned to you, TMZ charges a € 20 administration fee and immediately gives instructions to make the payment. This fee is due to bank and other management costs incurred by TMZ. By choosing your bank transfer as a form of payment, TMZ reserves the right to withhold any refunds until irrevocable payment is received.

6. Refunds

6.1 Refunds, if any, will be processed based on the form of payment used at the time of purchase and on behalf of the person who made the initial payment. When processing a refund, note that all concepts that make up the ticket price are not refundable. Any reimbursement, even if requested through TMZ, is processed in accordance with the Refund Policy of the Affected Traveler (s).
6.2 If you purchased a flight ticket at a rate that does not accept changes and changes and you can not fly, we inform you that you may request some of the items perceived at the time of purchase:
  • In the case of tickets issued by IATA airlines, it is necessary to expressly request the refund of unpaid taxes to TMZ. If you would like to request the TMZ's unpaid repayment rates, you can direct your application in writing to the following address: TMZ Refund Department, Calle Benito Perez Galdos, No. 23, 28821 Coslada (Madrid), Spain. With this request, you authorize TMZ to perform all the necessary activities to obtain the reimbursement mentioned on your behalf. Please note that the period available to request a refund in writing is not earned twelve (12) months from the date of purchase of the ticket or six (6) months from the departure of his flight, if later. These refunds can only be processed using the payment method used at the time of purchase and all refunds are subject to airline policy. TMZ administration costs for processing these refunds are € 30 per person. Allow TMZ to deduct your management fees from the refund amount that corresponds to you.
  • In the case of tickets issued by non-IATA airlines or when the airline has been charged directly by the airline, it is necessary to request reimbursement of the charges which have been levied directly on the airline concerned, although the administration costs will be incurred in any case via TMZ. If you request this type of refund, authorize TMZ to charge the administrative fees applicable to your request on the bank card you purchased.

7. Passports, visas and health requirements

7.1 In order to know the applicable regulations on the compulsory character of a passport and a visa, you should contact the appropriate embassy before traveling. It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and, if necessary, a visa. TMZ is in no way responsible for the consequences that you may have for you not to have the correct travel documentation.
7.2 Each destination has its own requirements as regards entry formalities, vaccinations, etc., which may also vary according to the nationality of the passenger. We recommend that you inform yourself before planning your trip. TMZ is under no circumstances responsible for incidents resulting from non-compliance with such official regulations.

8. Electronic Tickets (or eTickets)

8.1 All tickets you can buy through this site are electronic tickets. Electronic ticketing (or eTicketing) is a way to buy airplane tickets without paper. Once you have made the purchase, TMZ will send you a confirmation email with your flight creator's number. Note that you will not receive a paper ticket to present to the Airport.
8.2 To that end, we inform you that each airline has its own eTicketing rules and procedures and we ask that you check them before arriving at the airport. In any case, we recommend that you always carry with you a printed copy of your confirmation email with your flight number, although not all airlines will ask you to show them. TMZ is not responsible in any circumstances. violation of the rules and procedures established by each airline in connection with eTicketing.
8.3 TMZ are încredere că informațiile pe care le furnizați sunt exacte și, prin urmare, nu este responsabil dacă biletul dvs. electronic nu sosește din cauza unei adrese de e-mail incorecte sau a setărilor de spam. Trebuie să ne anunțați imediat dacă vă schimbați adresa de e-mail sau contactați numărul de telefon. De asemenea, verificați dacă numele din pașaport corespunde cu numele de pe biletul dvs. și / sau de confirmarea achiziției.
8.4 TMZ trusts that the information you provide is accurate and therefore is not responsible if your electronic ticket does not arrive due to an incorrect email address or spam settings. You must notify us immediately if you change your email address or contact your phone number. Also, check that your passport name matches the name on your ticket and / or your purchase confirmation.

9. Special conditions relating to purchased products or services

9.1 Flights: As far as flights are concerned, the conditions set out in Annex 1 to this document apply unless otherwise provided in the terms and conditions of the travel provider

10. Privacy Policy

10.1 In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and its development regulations, we hereby inform you that your personal data will be included in TMZ's automated files to borrow and offer our services and to manage purchases and payments, send information and advertisements about offers, promotions and recommendations that we think they are interested in, as well as surveys, statistics and market trends. We will use your personal data to create an image of your interests and then we will try to make sure that when you visit our site you do not miss offers and information that might be of interest to you. In any case, we will not use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, unless you give us your prior consent.
10.2 We also inform you of the possibility of exercising the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose your personal data, guaranteed by Article 15 and following of the LAPD, directly to the person in charge of the file. For your convenience, you can exercise the above rights and by email at info@meridianzero.com
10.3 In accordance with the provisions of Article 11 of the LOPD, we inform you that by purchasing products and / or services on our website we will necessarily communicate your personal data (1) to providers of those products or services that are required to use your data exclusively for sending information and complying with the delivery of the requested products or services as well as other legal provisions, and (2) other companies in TMZ's group, ie other entities of the TMZ Group that manage the e-TMZ trademarks ®, FlightWay®, WayFlight® and TRIPION®, which will be required to use their data exclusively for the purposes for which they were collected and comply with the rest of the law. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you accept the data transfers described.
10.4 Finally, and for the purposes of Article 34 of the LOPD, by accepting this privacy policy, you agree that your data is transferred to the recipients under the terms and conditions above, anywhere in the world, even in those countries that do not offer a level comparable to that of the EU Data Protection Directive.

11. Cookie Policy

11.1 In accordance with Article 22.2 of the Law on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI) and EU Directive 2009/136 / EC, TMZ informs that this site accepts the use of cookies.
11.2 Cookies are messages that web servers send to your browser when you visit Internet sites. Your browser stores each message in a small file that provides information about your last visit to the web page. Most internet browsers automatically support the use of cookies, but you can modify your browser to control the use of cookies.
11.3 In particular, TMZ uses the following cookies:
  • Analytical Cookies: Allow us to see how users are moving through the site and allows us to record what content users see and what they are interested in. This helps us improve the services we provide, helping us make sure our users find the information they are looking for. These types of cookies are used in the field: “TMZ”.
  • Social Cookies: Required for social networks (Facebook, Google, and Twitter). Its function is to control the social widgets on the page. These cookies are used in the domains: ”facebook.com”, ”google.com” and ”twitter.com”
  • Learn Related Cookies: Let us track visits from other sites with which TMZ has an affiliation agreement. These cookies are used in the field”TMZ”.
  • Advertising and behavior cookies: Collect information about preferences and options on this site. They target advertising networks, and then use them to show personalized ads on other websites. These cookies are used in the following areas: “TMZ”.
  • Technical Cookies: These are strictly for the use of this website. These cookies are used on the site: “TMZ”.
  • Functional Cookies: These are strictly required to provide the services requested by users on this website. These cookies are used on the site: “TMZ”.
11.4 If you would like additional information or wish to share your opinion on the use of cookies on our site, you can contact us by e-mail.

12. Intellectual and industrial property rights

12.1 The content of this site (including, for information and non-limitative purposes, trademarks, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio files and software) is the property of TMZ (trade name N 0288731) national and international laws on intellectual and industrial property. Compilation (understood as collection, fitting and assembly) of the entire content of the website is the exclusive property of TMZ and is protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property laws. All software used on the site or belonging to software vendors is protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property laws.
12.2 Any other use of the content of this site is strictly forbidden, including reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, subsequent publication, exposure and / or total or partial representation. In particular, any use of the images contained on this site outside of it is strictly prohibited without the express consent of TMZ and / or its suppliers.
12.3 TMZ and other TMZ products, services, graphics and logos are trademarks. The names of other products, services, and companies mentioned in this document may be trademarks of their respective owners.

13. Limitation of liability

13.1 TMZ provides this website in the state presented and devotes all its efforts to being updated and operating properly. However, it can not guarantee the absence of technical defects, the infallibility of the service, or the system or portal is functioning at any time.
13.2 TMZ publishes on this site various information about the products and services provided by third parties and makes no representations as to the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and updating of the information contained in such offers. Some information is stored periodically in cache and will only be verified with real-time information when the purchase is confirmed.
13.3 Limitation of TMZ liability will be in accordance with the applicable law at any time.
13.4 If, for reasons of force majeure (including, but not limited to, political, economic or other security-related situations), there are deficiencies in the purchases, confirmations and / or execution of the products or services purchased through TMZ due to unforeseen circumstances which TMZ is unable to resolve or if it is not possible to comply with any of the agreed provisions, TMZ and / or TMZ will be relieved of any liability arising out of such deficiencies or nonconformities.

14. Links to other websites

14.1 This website may contain links to other websites that are not managed by TMZ and which are included for reference purposes only. TMZ has no control over these websites nor is it responsible for their content.
14.2 Including links to other websites does not imply that TMZ promotes, approves, warrants or recommends these sites. These links are used only as informational references, without any evaluation of the content, owners, services or products offered in it.

15. Other generally applicable terms

15.1 Passenger rights in accordance with EC Regulation 261/2004. If you are traveling inside or outside the EU or with an EU carrier, you may have rights that you can use against the relevant airline if your flight is canceled, delayed or refused to board. Refer to EC Regulation 261/2004 or contact the Customer Relations Department.
15.2 Queries and complaints about your purchase Contact customer service if you have any questions or complaints about your purchase prior to your departure. If you have a complaint about a travel service provider, make sure you have initiated formally your complaint with that travel provider before returning.
15.3 Changes to the General Terms and Conditions. TMZ may modify or update these TyCGs at any time without notice. The current version of TyCGs will be displayed on the Web site as of the date these changes will take effect. We ask that you review the current TyCG at any time, whenever you make a purchase on this website.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

16.1 These TyCG, as well as any relationship between TMZ and the User, are governed by Spanish law. Except as otherwise required, both parties shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Madrid courts for any dispute arising out of the existence, content and / or interpretation of the present TyCG or any relationship between TMZ and the User.

17. Special conditions and flight information

17.1 Flights: Flights contracts purchased through our website will be made with the appropriate travel provider or airline and will be subject to its terms and conditions. Please note that there are additional terms specific to this tariff in terms of air fares. For example, tickets are generally not modifiable or refundable. In addition, most airlines reserve the right to change the schedule and cancel reservations confirmed. While TMZ, as an intermediary party, is not responsible for any time changes or cancellations, we will provide you with all the reasonable assistance you need through our customer service. Airlines can charge additional services such as baggage, check-in at the airport, preferred chairs, in-flight entertainment (if available), food, beverages, snacks, etc. Any charges for these additional services that are not included in the ticket price, unless otherwise expressly provided, and are paid to the airline directly. TMZ is not responsible for the additional costs incurred and we invite you to contact the appropriate airline to add additional services and to check the rates. You can check your accepted luggage by accessing the airline's website. Note that if your flight includes more than one segment, you may have different luggage allowances; This can happen even when you fly with the same airline, for example if a flight is international and the other is domestic. This may mean you will be charged for luggage that exceeds the lower limit of the flight carrying the lower baggage limit. Always make sure you confirm your minimum time to check your flight. In general, for international flights it is necessary to check in 120 minutes before departure and for domestic flights 90 minutes before departure. However, some airports and / or certain airlines may require a longer time. If you have purchased a return flight, the airline will ask for reconfirmation of the return journey at least 72 hours before the trip. If you do not reconfirm your return trip directly with the airline, it may be canceled. It is highly recommended (especially if you are flying in the economic class) that you are checking in advance if you have special demands on the seat. TMZ has no control over seat allocation, although it previously reserves the airline, and can not guarantee that the specific seats available at the exit. TMZ is not responsible for the costs of transfers between airports or terminals that may be incurred. Perhaps special flights or better prices do not take the most direct route. Some itineraries require a route change. A flight described as direct is the place where there is no need to change planes during the journey. However, stops can be made to recharge fuel or to allow passengers to go up or down. Details of the stops will be provided during the booking process and are clearly identified both on your site and on your itinerary, which will be sent when you make your reservation. You have the responsibility to organize visas as necessary and we do not assume the responsibility to help or advise you on this matter. The indicated times are given in the 24-hour time system, approximately and based on the departure flights. These may vary depending on the flight schedule, type of aircraft, weather conditions, etc., and are indications of hours spent on the flight (excluding ground time during stopping or changing the aircraft) and therefore they are only given as a guide and subject to change and confirmation. The regulations vary according to the airline, but some refuse to carry pregnant women for 28 weeks or more on the return journey. If in doubt, consult the airline and consult your doctor. Children must be 6 weeks or older to travel by airplane and must stay in the lap of an adult or take up a child seat. Contact the airline you travel to find the details of the appropriate places. Children aged 2 years or older must have a seat.
17.2 Combinations of Ida: In some cases, to offer special return rates, we combine two return flights with different airlines or even the same airline. This means you will have two separate tickets (one for your departure flight and one for the return flight) and each ticket will have its own charging conditions. If you have to cancel one of the flights, you can keep the other without additional charges. Cancellations, changes in schedules, or other changes to one of the flights will not affect the other flight, and the terms of the remaining flights will continue to apply. For example, if one of the flights is canceled, the other airline is not required to reimburse the other part of your trip or to offer you a route change. You may incur costs for any change of the other flight if necessary.
17.3 Low cost airlines: If you select a ticket with a low-cost airline, TMZ has purchased your ticket on your behalf and you will receive a confirmation email directly from your budget airline. Your contract will be with the corresponding low cost airline, in accordance with the same terms and conditions. You have such terms and conditions before you begin your purchase, the Terms of Service link or by applying to our Call Centers and after the start of your purchase, in confirmation email or on the Web site of the low cost airline. Keep in mind that low cost airlines can take off from smaller, regional and / or secondary airports. Discounts for Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla Individuals living in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla are entitled to a discount or bonus when the flight has or from their place of residence and the rate permits. Third-country family members who are beneficiaries of the right of residence and long-term residents from third countries who prove their status as residents in the communities and cities mentioned above will be entitled to a reduction. These citizens must prove their residence through the current registration certificate and NIE (Alien Identity Number). Passengers wishing to obtain this reduction must necessarily prove airport resident status. For this, passengers must present one of the following forms of identification: Residence certificate issued by the City Council as proof of residence, accompanied by a national identity document or passport for an EU citizen. For persons under the age of 14 who do not have identity documents, only the presentation of the residence certificate of the municipality will be required. ? Senators or deputies: Accreditation of the appropriate Chambers, in which the constituency of the elected deputy or senator is registered, accompanied by the national identity document or passport. Please note that DNI will serve only to prove your identity but not your residence (even if it was used as an identification during the purchase process). If the passenger does not present the current registration certificate, which proves the residency status, the airline will refuse boarding. During the purchase process, you should make sure that you select the Resident Discount option in the appropriate section, where it is allowed. If you want to enjoy the right to discount but do not touch its automatic application during the purchase process, we recommend that you opt out of the online purchase process and continue booking your flight by phone through our Booking Center.
17.4 Discounts for Large Families: If you are a member of a large family who has officially recognized such a condition, you can benefit from this reduction as long as the flight originates and is destined for Spanish territory. This discount does not apply automatically so you can enjoy it, we recommend leaving the online booking process and booking your flight by phone through our Booking Center.
17.5 Minors: Children aged 5 to 12 can not travel alone. However, certain airlines have a special assistance and escort service for passengers aged between 12 and 17 years. You must request confirmation in advance of your reservation. Sometimes this service has an extra cost, so it is advisable to check with the airline before booking confirmation. In the same way, keep in mind that people under the age of 18 can not take responsibility for another minor (Article 157 of the Spanish Civil Code). Children traveling as unaccompanied minors must carry the required documents (passport or DNI) on all journeys, like any other passenger, and must complete the form to be sent to the airline registration office. Parents or guardians must provide the necessary identification documentation (ID or passport). Depending on the airline, minors can travel unaccompanied as long as the airline has this service. There are also many companies that may have regulations where the age limits and taxes are different, or the trip of unaccompanied minors is forbidden, so you should always check the above conditions. Internet reservations for unaccompanied minors are not allowed, they can only be made through our Customer Care Center. On the other hand, we remind you that, as a general rule, low cost or low cost airlines do not accept unaccompanied minors in their flights.
17.6 Name changes: In general, changes to the names and / or surnames of passengers are not permitted. In most cases, you will need to cancel the reservation and make a new one with the correct passenger data. Please note that if the ticket information does not match the identity document presented by the passenger, the airline may refuse boarding. In this case, TMZ declines all responsibility. If your flight is operated by a low cost airline, you should look at the particular airlines conditions and send the cancellation request directly to the company because TMZ can not manage low cost cancellation.